Twin black-tailed deer fawns

The Twinnies: “Brrr…it’s cold out here!” – click to enlarge

Ironically, right after I published my post about the little yellow messengers of spring, we had a huge (by west coast standards) dump of snow, more than a foot in all. That was followed by – no surprise – a multi-day power outage.

Snow is still covering most of our garden and patches of our lawn, though it’s been melting a bit more each day. While the crocuses haven’t yet re-emerged from under their white blanket, I’ve been happy to see our weather heading back to “normal”. But today, to my dismay, it’s been snowing again.

I think “the Twinnies” are also rather dismayed by it all. It’s the first winter for this pair of Columbian black-tailed deer, the youngest of the family of six who make their living on and around our property and visit us daily. (Their diminutive moniker is meant to distinguish them from their older siblings, “the Twins”, who were born a year earlier.)

Fortunately, the Twinnies’ coats look rather cozy; in fact I expect they’re better than my parka has proved for warmth and waterproofing. Nevertheless, I’m sure the pair – like me – will be happy when spring finally arrives.

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  1. […] With Weather Like This… – a fabulous photograph by Laurie MacBride that features a pair of young deer twins peering sheepishly into the camera.  These are a mighty cute pair of little ones, and Laurie accompanies this great shot with some anecdotal thoughts on a recent weather event that hit us up here on the west coast. […]

  2. Indeed, what crazy crazy weather! I am totally in agreement with those two cute deer twins there, this is sheer madness and I think we’re ALL ready for spring to come!! Love this photo, Laurie, a really heartwarming shot my friend!

  3. Phil Lanoue says:

    Spring is late this year. What is going on?!
    On March 3 over 50% of the U.S. was at or below freezing. For March 3!?! Crazy

    • And in Britain they’re having extreme flooding, in Australia extreme drought and fires…I agree, it all seems crazy, but I’m certain it’s climate change in action – I know that cold weather is hard to square with “global warming”, but it’s part of the same package as the IPCC scientists have been warning us about ….we’re changing the patterns of the ocean currents, jet stream etc. that drive our weather. I think we’re in for an even crazier ride in the future. I guess we’d all better learn to enjoy extreme weather! 🙂

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