Raindrops on bracket fungus with sparkles of light in lower drops

Forest Chandelier (click to see the details – starbursts and a bit of spider silk)

The bracket fungus in this photo grows on the side of a fir tree on our property. Usually it looks rather unprepossessing, but the other day, after one of our many recent downpours, a network of raindrops clung to its edge and that ordinary bracket fungus became something very special.

It was late afternoon and as usual, I wasn’t carrying a tripod (I mostly shoot handheld). I tried a few frames using what little natural light was still filtering through the trees, but to get the depth of field I wanted while managing to hold my camera still, I needed to add some flash.

Normally I prefer natural light, but flash does serve a purpose at times. And in this case, I love the result: the repeating starbursts inside their glassy globes seem like a perfect antidote for the dreariness that comes with the short, dark days of November.

About Laurie MacBride, Eye on Environment

Photographer focused on nature and nautical on the BC coast

14 responses »

  1. Fun sparkles in the droplets!

  2. Susan says:

    That is a remarkably beautiful photo….thanks, Laurie! Susan

  3. What a very unique photo. I found it fascinating.

  4. Leona Herd says:

    laurie liquid light in the forest is beautiful, very different and ethereal, loove it, money in the bank, hugs renowned delta art connoiseur xoxox

  5. Excellent Laurie! I agree – love the starbursts in the droplets.

    • Thanks Kenneth. You’ve probably noticed that there are two starbursts in each droplet. I think the reason is that I had a closeup diopter screwed onto my lens, thus giving an extra layer of glass and therefore an extra reflection – similar to the effect of a light shining through a double-glazed window. Double the light at a darkening time of year…that’s a good thing, methinks.

  6. Dirk Huysman says:

    Oh what fun!

  7. Sherry Galey says:

    That, Laurie, is quite fabulous!

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