Flowering plants in a lawn

Wild Flowers or Weeds? (click twice to see the details)

It seems that in gardening, as in real estate, it’s “all about location”.

When the plants in the photo above appear in my flower or veggie beds, I call them “weeds” and rip them out – especially if they’re about to set seed.

But when they grow in a small grassy area outside our garden fence, near the edge of the forest, I call them “a wild flower meadow”. I get down on my knees to inspect the colours and intricacies of their tiny flowers and developing seed heads (if you click on the image twice, you can see some of the details).  I photograph the scene, then pore over books and websites to search out the names of the plants: English daisy of course, plus some sort of tiny cranesbill and possibly sticky mouse-ear chickweed (love that name!)…the others in the miniature meadow remain a mystery for now.

I admit it: I have a double standard.

A reminder: about a dozen of my marine-focused prints are on display now at Gabriola Island’s popular dockside eatery, Silva Bay Restaurant & Pub, which is now open for the season. My photos will be there through the summer so I hope you’ll stop by for a meal and have a look.

About Laurie MacBride, Eye on Environment

Photographer focused on nature and nautical on the BC coast

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  1. Robin says:

    Beautiful image, Laurie. I love it. I have the same double standard, sort of. Sometimes I can’t bear to pull them from the garden when they’re that pretty. I’m not a very good gardener. lol!

  2. mariesprandel@yahoo.com says:


    I love your post, and only wish we could enjoy your exhibit at Silva Bay. Enjoy your summer. More soon. Marie

    Sent from Surface

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