Goldfinch's LunchI owe some thanks to a goldfinch for saving me some work the other day. I was taking a brief rest in the garden, planning to return to my weeding in a few moments. But then this natty little fellow came hopping along and caused me to change my plan.

One item that had been on my to-do list was to clear away the many straggly patches of forget-me-not that were going to seed throughout our flower and veggie beds. But the goldfinch obviously viewed my messy weeds as a tasty opportunity, tucking into the seeds with gusto. (Click on the photos above and below to enlarge.)

I love having these colourful little birds around for the summer – and clearly they need to eat – so how could I possibly continue with my project?

I left the forget-me-nots in place that day, despite my chronic desire for tidiness. And since then, each time I’ve gone into the garden I’ve been careful to pull out only the very worst of the straggly stems, leaving most of the seedy buffet in place. I guess this means we’ll have a whole lot of forget-me-nots in our future…but hopefully, we’ll also have a lot of returning goldfinches.

closeful of goldfinch eating forget-me-not seeds

A reminder if you’re on Gabriola Island this summer: about a dozen of my marine-focused prints are on display at Gabriola’s popular dockside eatery, Silva Bay Restaurant & Pub. I hope you’ll stop by for a meal and have a look.

About Laurie MacBride, Eye on Environment

Photographer focused on nature and nautical on the BC coast

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  1. Some of our best moments in life are when we change plans like that…Love the images you shared.

  2. Sherry Galey says:

    The goldfinches are beautiful and totally worth putting up with some scraggle!

  3. Paul Thompson says:

    Beautiful birdie–and forget me nots are beautiful too.


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