Oystercatcher on shore with a speedboat full of people rushing by

Oystercatcher Overlooked (click on the photo to see the details)

It seems like we’re often so busy rushing about, trying to get the “most” out of life, that we miss out on the delightful little details around us.

The folks in the boat above, for instance, didn’t seem to notice the Black oystercatcher as they sped by. I’m not judging them – I’ve been in the same metaphorical boat myself, way too many times. But this was one occasion when I was grateful to be in the slow lane.

I was in my stubby little kayak – a craft which, even when I  paddle hard, seldom exceeds 3 knots (about walking speed on land). Moving along the shore at such a tortoise pace allowed me to spot the oystercatcher – one of many little details that made that day on the water a very special one for me.

Click here for my earlier post about Black oystercatchers and why these lovely little birds always make me chuckle.

About Laurie MacBride, Eye on Environment

Photographer focused on nature and nautical on the BC coast

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  1. We’ve all been in the same metaphorical boat, way too often…

  2. Great photo! I was out on a boat yesterday and watched 3 kayakers paddling past deep in very loud conversation missing the Native pictographs on the cliffs just above their heads. Perhaps they had seen them before but I have a feeling not. I always find it a little sad seeing people in beautiful natural settings that seem afraid of the silence and oblivious to their surroundings. Mind you, perhaps I’m being a wee bit judgmental 😉

    • Not sure why I missed seeing your comment until today, Kenneth – sorry! In (belated) reply – I’m with you on this (whether this is judgmental or not, I’ll leave to others to decide). It’s one reason I don’t like going for a paddle in a group – people want to chatter away, it seems….while I’d rather be quietly appreciating the natural world.

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