coastal islands and channels

The view at 1800 hrs (click on images to enlarge)

To borrow from the old song, what a difference a day makes – or even just 12 hours!

The photo above was taken from our boat on an August evening at about 1800 hours (6 pm in land-talk). We were on our way home from a summer-long journey up the BC coast, and we’d just dropped anchor in a cozy cove at the mouth of Fish Egg Inlet. Before starting dinner preparations, I took a moment to savour and photograph the view: looking through one of the anchorage’s “windows” into adjacent Illahie Inlet, with hints of the Coast Mountain range in the background.

Our plan was to head out early the next morning, as several long and challenging passages lay ahead and we needed to take advantage of any decent weather on offer.

But as it turned out, an early start wasn’t possible. Here’s the view looking in the same direction the next morning at 0600:

Foredeck of boat with islands nearby, barely visible through the fog.

It was as if someone had drawn a huge, almost opaque isolation curtain right around our boat. (In reality our view was more obscured than the image shows – I’ve increased the contrast a bit so that you can make out the nearby shores without too much eye strain.)

The fog lifted by 1015 and we were finally able to get underway. With the late start we didn’t get as far as we’d hoped that day, but fortunately we had built extra time into our itinerary for unforeseen delays like this.

That morning was a good reminder of why mariners commonly refer to August as “Fogust” on the BC coast – and how important it is to keep your plans and expectations flexible when travelling by boat.

About Laurie MacBride, Eye on Environment

Photographer focused on nature and nautical on the BC coast

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  1. Sherry Galey says:

    Love it! It’s so neat that you describe the first as looking through a window. It’s really like that. As for the second, wow. That’s a lot of fog. The same thing happened to us when we were about to set off for the Bahamas. But not quite as bad. It did make us wait though. But fog is not as frequent as experience in south Florida as in your area in August. Makes for great pics though.

    • Thanks Sherry. August fog: love it photographically… loathe it in terms of travel. The “windows” out from anchorages like this are likewise double-edged – they make for beautiful views, but can also serve as funnels for wind. So an anchorage with its “window” open to the direction the wind is not supposed to come from is best.

  2. Fred Bailey says:

    great photos as ever. Fred

  3. Donald W. Wilson says:

    I very much enjoy receiving your posts – with some very impressive photos. I look forward to seeing you when Ken and I visit Gabriola in May.

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