Buck with tiny fawn

Q.T., attentive uncle to the new fawn (click on photos to enlarge)

It’s always a special day when our resident Momma deer brings her new fawn(s) to our backyard to meet us for the first time. Today, May 31, was that day – the earliest one in our records, which go back about 10 years.

The tiny little guy (gal?) appears healthy and is, of course, super cute. “Mr. Man” and I oohed and awed like proud grandparents, delighting in its every move. Mother Scarlet wandered away, paying no attention to either our compliments or her fawn. She was more interested in the daisies in the lawn.

It’s her third fawn, and I guess she has reason to be unconcerned, especially since her twin brother Q.T. was looking after it. Q.T. has always seemed like a gentle soul, and his nurturing side is now shining with this new arrival.

Fawn looking up at buck who's giving it very gentle kick

“Respect your elders!” says Q.T. – gently.

That said, he’s not above giving the fawn a small, very soft kick when some discipline is needed. A teachable moment, I guess.

About Q.T.’s name: we originally called him “Cutie” but when he grew up that was obviously inappropriate, and so he became the much cooler sounding “Q.T.” The initials had no real meaning – until now, when we can see they must mean “Quality Time” for the little one.

Update June 3: Double cuteness! This morning Scarlet and Q.T. came for another visit – this time with two adorable fawns. Seems Scarlet, now four years old, has had her first set of twins. Good thing her brother Q.T. is a devoted sibling – she’ll need his help to keep on top of this lively pair. 

These photos, along with many of my others, are available as stock photography from Alamy

About Laurie MacBride, Eye on Environment

Photographer focused on nature and nautical on the BC coast

5 responses »

  1. Sherry Galey says:

    Oh Laurie, I am oohing and aching from across the country! These are just wonderful shots. The little fawn is as cute as can be and I love that you got the interaction between the two of them. And well done from inside the house!

  2. Excellent shots Laurie!,
    I can’t turn away my eyes. 100% reality and passion for animals. Just awesome moment. We should realize the inner beauty of love. Thanks, keep it up.

  3. Fred Bailey says:

    Outstanding photos! Getting shots like that are much harder than it looks.
    Best, Fred

    • Thanks Fred! It was easier than you think. Here’s my secret: I took them through a window, from inside the house. The deer were thoughtful enough to come for their visit in the early afternoon, after the sun had moved around to the south – thus our east-facing dining room window worked just fine. It’s harder when the come in the morning. Of course, today was mostly overcast, which also helped! 🙂

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