Yellow evening primrose flower, closeup

Early morning light: Oenothera (click to enlarge)

I think whoever gave the name “Evening primrose” to the Oenothera genus of plants made a bit of a blooper. If the ones that volunteer in our garden are any indication, they neither look like a primrose, nor bloom in the evening.

The flowers on these large, upright plants open first thing in the morning (the photo above was taken at 5:38 am). Although each individual flower lasts only a day, the plants bloom all summer, bringing so much light and colour that we welcome them, despite the space they take up among the fruit and veggies.

By afternoon, though, their beautiful yellow flowers are limp and droopy, and by evening they’re completely done in.

Kind of like me, come to think of it.

About Laurie MacBride, Eye on Environment

Photographer focused on nature and nautical on the BC coast

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  1. […] The Misnamed Beauty – Laurie MacBride shares a great shot of an Evening primrose in the very early morning as its flower spreads wide to take in the coming day. The soft colors from the flower work perfectly with the green backdrop to help make this gorgeous flower pop right out of the composition at the viewer. […]

  2. Fred Bailey says:

    A perfect photo as ever.

  3. Sherry Galey says:

    Me too, Laurie! But while they’re blooming, they’re lovely! Happy summer to you guys!

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