A few years ago, I stopped framing any of my prints and started having all of them plaque mounted instead. I prefer plaque mounted images because they:

  • are resistant to UV degradation, scratches, water damage and fingerprints,
  • can be cleaned with a damp cloth or paper towel,
  • are so well protected that the image will last more than a lifetime without fading,
  • can be hung in any sort of lighting without getting distracting glare or reflections,
  • are safe to ship, since they have no glass.

But most of all, I love the look of plaque mounted photos: with no glass between you and the image, and no frame to set an artificial boundary, images really “pop” and your imagination can soar.

My plaque mounted prints are professionally mounted on a wood fibreboard base, with a protective vinyl laminate heat-sealed over the image. The edges are bevelled and painted black, and the print is wired for hanging.

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