Paddling in Cameleon Harbour

Between the Showers (Cameleon Harbour)

Sometimes, after weighing your options and finding that none of them are perfect, you just have to seize the moment and “go for it” – that is, if you’re to have any hope of reaching your day’s goal.

Cameleon Harbour on Sonora Island is a lovely anchorage and a good place to paddle, even if the next rain shower might arrive at any moment – which, of course, it did. No matter: that’s what raingear is for, right?

We’re off the grid for most of the summer, with only occasional access to the internet. I welcome your comments, but it might be awhile before I can reply.

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  1. ehpem says:

    Beautiful – I haven’t been to that part of the coast, but sure would like to. Rain gear is as unavoidable as the rain in this part of the world! Even though sometimes it is more akin to a personal sauna than a shield.

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