Young black-tailed deer buck

Solo’s curiosity knows no bounds

Over the holidays I read a very good book by Amanda Lang, The Power of Why. It’s about the importance of curiosity, and how we can unleash and use its power to bring more creativity, innovation and positive change to our lives. It turns out that asking the right questions can result in a greater sense of fulfillment and happiness, whether it’s in our workplaces, organizations, homes or relationships.

Solo, our year and a half-old resident black-tailed deer, clearly doesn’t need to read the book: he already has a firm grasp on the power of why.

His curiosity is always on the loose, causing him to ruminate over just about everything around him – especially the antics of the two-legged animals he watches so closely each day: “What in the world are those humans doing now, and more importantly, why?”

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Photographer focused on nature and nautical on the BC coast

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  1. […] Solo and the Power of Why – a terrific, terrific post that features both a great photograph as well as some just wonderful background details, adding depth.  Laurie MacBride shows a photo of a deer living in her yard along with some profound thoughts that no doubt are exactly what the deer is thinking…  you’ll love this, check it out! […]

  2. This is totally wonderful, Laurie! We’ve got some deer that some years live here in our yard, too, and they are truly members of the family. Great shot, great story, a really great post my friend!

  3. Sherry Galey says:

    Solo is so beautiful. Makes me smile on a day when I need it. The book sounds pretty interesting. Will have to put it on the list….

  4. melmannphoto says:

    You have to assume deer are always asking the right questions – at least they look like they have most of the right answers. Love the portrait – very expressive.

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