weathered cliff face on sandy beach

Textures of Time – click to enlarge (it definitely looks better that way!)

Last week I showed you an totemic shoreline on a small island off BC’s Sunshine Coast. This week I’m taking you to a much wilder location, on the Central Coast – West Beach, on the exposed outer coast of Calvert Island.

I love what seems like a mix of hard and soft textures in the weathered granite walls, that rise up at the edge of the long stretch of sand. With their creases and rounded contours, they almost look alive.

They’re a reminder that although the earth’s crust looks dauntingly solid and eternal, it’s actually in constant change: cracking, shifting, fracturing and eroding over time.

Textures of Time is one of the 38 images currently on display in my show, Reflections on the Coast. Most are of the BC coast, but some of my favorites from our garden, forest and wildlife here on Gabriola are also included, along with a few abstracts. All are available for purchase. If you are able to get to Gabriola between now and November 30, I hope you’ll drop by the see the show, and I welcome your feedback.

About Laurie MacBride, Eye on Environment

Photographer focused on nature and nautical on the BC coast

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  1. ehpem says:

    What a great spot, and very nice photo too!
    I was just looking at a video from this area which includes some very similar geology.

  2. Terrific shot, Laurie, really well done! We hope that your show is going awesomely for you there, we’re still trying to find a spot in our schedule to come see you! Life is so crazy busy for us these days it’s a bit of a challenge, but we keep trying here!

  3. Sherry Galey says:

    Just wanted to say, Laurie, that I was so blown away seeing these gorgeous images in your show that I had to have one for myself! Thank you for allowing me to purchase one from a distance. I can’t wait to receive it and display it proudly in my home.

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