Reflections of shoreline with totemic shapes

Totem Morning – click to enlarge (it definitely looks better that way!)

There’s nothing quite like daybreak in a quiet cove on the BC coast, especially when it coincides with low tide.

In the still of early morning, before the water is rippled by breezes, the reflections can be stunning, and you can spot horizontal “totem poles” in the natural shapes mirrored all around the shoreline. The closer you look, the more details you see: creatures, faces and other symmetric shapes typical of – and likely having inspired – West Coast aboriginal art.

I took this photo last summer in Ballet Bay on Nelson Island, on our way home from a two-month exploration of Queen Charlotte Strait. It’s a sneak preview of one of approximately three dozen photos in my solo show, Reflections of the Coast, which opens on Gabriola Island on October 15 (details here).

Not all of the photos include reflections on water (although many do). Still, I think the show title is apt, because each print is accompanied by my written reflections on the experience behind the photo.

All of the photos are presented as plaque-mounted prints. As you might expect, most are of the BC coast, including others from our Queen Charlotte Strait trip as well as the Central and North coast. But they`re not all marine in focus – I’ve also included some of my favorites from our garden, forest and wildlife here on Gabriola, and a few abstracts as well.

If you are able to get to Gabriola between now and November 30, I hope you’ll drop by the see the show.

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  1. […] Totem Morning: A Sneak Preview – this is a really terrific concept piece by Laurie MacBride that features a super-still reflection in the mornings waters, creating an abstract image with the two halves of the perfectly composed image.  As Laurie notes in her post, as you spend some time observing the piece, certain details and visions begin to appear to those with an open mind. […]

  2. What a great piece, Laurie, I really do see more in it when I spend some time taking it in with an open mind! Love it! Best wishes on your show, we’re still trying to find our way over with our crazy schedules here!

  3. says:

    congratulations on the upcoming showing. Looks like we’re practically ‘neighbours’. Happy Thanks giving

  4. Phil Lanoue says:

    Absolutely beautiful scene!

  5. […] I follow Laurie MacBride’s blog, in part because I like her photos so much. Today she posted: Totem Morning: A Sneak Preview. […]

  6. Marie Sprandel says:

    Spectacular picture! 

    Thought of you earlier today as I walked through the nearby forest preserve near sundown and saw a White-tailed Deer with two little nubs and later another with four points cleaned of velvet. Reminded me of your brood and how much we enjoyed them.

    Have fun with your show.  Sorry we’ll miss it, but hope to catch some of the pictures later.

    Hope all else is well.  Take care and best to you both.

    Cheers! Marie

  7. Patti Willis, Denman Is says:

    When I first came to Canada over 40 yrs ago, I was puzzled by Northwest
    indigenous art. Certain kinds of designs, the relationship of some shapes to others were difficult for me aesthetically. But, one day, sitting on some water somewhere and looking at the reflection of rock formations on the water across on the other shore, I had an
    “aha” moment. I started to see the integration of natural forms into human design. It was a language that suddenly made sense to me — I could “read” it and I loved it. Your photo really captures this — thanks. Patti, your loyal fan

  8. ehpem says:

    Laurie, this is a great picture. And congratulations on your show – very exciting!

  9. Sherry Galey says:

    Oh, Laurie, this image gives me goosebumps! I so wish I could jump on a plane and come out and see it close up to examine every face and creature in the rocks. I can just imagine how wonderful the other images in your show will be too. That is a perfect name for the exhibition…Wishing you a very successful show and hoping lots of people take the opportunity to see your exquisite coastal imagery in person! Hugs…

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