Trees on a small island, bent over by the wind

Windswept (click to enlarge)

The Strait of Georgia is a windy stretch of water, as you can see by the angle of these trees even on a calm day. Their home is an exposed little islet in the Flat Tops, an island chain just south of Gabriola Island, on the western edge of the Strait

The Strait – or “the Gulf”, as mariners have traditionally called it – is not a body of water to take lightly. It’s about 135 miles long and at its widest, close to 20 miles across, and its alignment matches the prevailing winds, which blow from the southeast in winter and northwest in summer. That means there’s a very long fetch for those winds to build up and plenty of open space for steep waves to develop. If you have to “cross the Gulf”, you need to keep a close weather eye and choose your timing wisely.

Nevertheless, there are many lovely days throughout the year when it’s calm enough to get out on the water and enjoy little gems like this nameless islet. We’ve paddled our kayaks there and back many times over the years, in all seasons, and when I look through those leaning trees I always enjoy the view of the Strait and the BC mainland.

This image is one the 34 mounted prints of the west coast that I have on display right now at the Silva Bay Restaurant & Pub on Gabriola Island. Called “Inspired by the Coast”, the show will continue through September, so if you’re in the area I hope you’ll drop by to have a look – and you can also enjoy a great meal while you’re there.

Between my show, the demands of planting and tending our food garden, work projects and various other commitments, I’ve not had time lately for blogging. But I have been posting some photos to my Flickr page, so if you haven’t been there lately I hope you can take time for a visit.  

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  1. […] Windswept on the Edge of the Strait – this pretty scene captured by Laurie MacBride encompasses a quintessential seascape outlook discovered on the shores of the encompassing islands close to Vancouver Island. This space is actually superb, as illustrated right here by Laurie’s fantastic photograph and anecdotal ideas. […]

  2. Very nice image Laurie! Love all the detail in the trees.

  3. […] Windswept on the Edge of the Strait – this lovely scene captured by Laurie MacBride features a quintessential seascape outlook found on the shores of the surrounding islands near Vancouver Island. This area is truly amazing, as illustrated here by Laurie’s wonderful photo and anecdotal thoughts. […]

  4. LOVE this shot, Laurie, it’s truly a quintessential coast outlook!!

  5. Sherry Galey says:

    Another wonderful view of your part of the world! I’m imagining what your gulf crossings are like…

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