Tadpole in the Pond (click to enlarge)

With all of humanity’s assaults on life these days, amphibians are having an especially challenging time. So it’s a relief to see a healthy crop of tadpoles in our pond again this year.

I’m not sure if the one in the photo above is destined to become a Red-legged frog or a Pacific Tree frog (AKA Pacific Chorus frog), as our pond supports both and I’m no amphibian expert. Here are a couple of examples of the two species – you can decide which of the two adults our little tadpole most resembles:


Red-legged frog (on Canada’s Species at Risk list)

frog on a barrrel

Pacific Tree frog

Either way, I’m delighted to see the tadpoles thriving (or at least, the ones that didn’t go down the throat of the duck that visited this morning).

It’s also gratifying to have rain today, as the water level in the pond has been dropping rapidly. Early summer is a race against time for the young amphibians, as they work at growing the legs and lungs they need in order to leave their watery world and fan out to our garden and the surrounding forest. A few times in the past we’ve resorted to “tadpole rescue”, catching the little guys in buckets and carrying them down to the lower pond or creek where there was a bit more water to be found. This year I’m hopeful that no intervention will be needed.

If you’re on Gabriola Island this summer, I hope you’ll check out my photography show, “Inspired by the Coast”, at the Silva Bay Restaurant & Pub. Open every day – and the food is excellent!

About Laurie MacBride, Eye on Environment

Photographer focused on nature and nautical on the BC coast

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  1. Sherry Galey says:

    Love to see all the wonders in your particular eco-system Laurie! Go frogs!

    • Thanks Sherry! We had another couple of days of rain since I wrote that post, which has likely been helpful to the tadpoles. I’m hoping they’re now “launched” into their adult form, since the forecast for the next week is warm and sunny.

  2. Yes it’ll be interesting to see what they turn into later on. I suppose there are some predators, like herons…

  3. Robin says:

    Hard to tell which frog the little guy resembles. Your photos are beautiful, and so are the frogs. I hope you get the rain you need. 🙂

  4. Your photos are quite amazing, and yes I think we are all pull for the frogs knowing we are next.

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