Eroded sandstone closeup

The Art of Erosion (a sandstone beach, Gabriola Island) – click to enlarge

Much as I love magnificent scenery, I don’t focus my camera lens on it very often. Instead, I tend to be drawn to the more “intimate landscapes” to be found in nature – smaller, quieter scenes contained within the larger vistas.

The allure of small tableaux may be subtler than that of grand landscapes, but subtlety is part of their attraction for me. To really see them, I need to look closely and clear my mind of the usual distractions. Taking the time and quiet space to do this is good medicine for me.

As I observe their unique features, colours, textures, shapes and patterns – along with the way so many of these little scenes change over the seasons and years – these intimate landscapes work their magic on me…slowly, quietly, simply.

Seeking out, seeing and photographing intimate landscapes is a process that strengthens my appreciation of the natural world and renews my passion for its rhythms, life cycles, beauty and diversity – and of course, its fragility.

photography show posterIntimate Landscapes is the title of my new solo show, on now on Gabriola Island. It features about two dozen mounted photographs from numerous islands and other locations along BC’s west coast.

The show runs through May 8. If you’re on Gabriola between now and then, I hope you’ll drop by to check it out.

About Laurie MacBride, Eye on Environment

Photographer focused on nature and nautical on the BC coast

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