Purple crocuses emerging among dead grass and weeds

Ever so brightly emerging (click on image to enlarge)

Spring has been slow to arrive this year, but I think it’s finally here. Which means it’s time for me, like the crocuses, to emerge from my lengthy slumber.

There’s much that needs to be done in our garden, a fact which seems daunting right now considering how sedentary I was over the fall and winter.

I’ll pay for that indulgence in aches and pains galore, I know – but the aesthetic and edible rewards that lie ahead should make it all worthwhile.

My new solo photography show, “Intimate Landscapes”, opens March 28 and runs to May 9, at the Gabriola Community Health Centre, 691 Church St. (downstairs, Monday – Friday). If you’re on the island I hope you’ll stop by to see it. While you’re there, head upstairs as well, for a new show by fellow Gabriola photographer, Dirk Huysman. 

About Laurie MacBride, Eye on Environment

Focused on nature on the BC coast

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  1. Fred Bailey says:

    Don’t put the snow shovel away just yet. We seem to be about two months behind this spring. Flowers in the hail at the moment.

  2. pattilee says:

    My first daffodil finally opened today. Happy Spring to All. Patti

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