Forested shoreline through a blurry, rain-spattered window

Rain made it tricky to see the narrow entrance to Philip Inlet

Northward on our ten-week Great Bear Sea trip last summer, the first “new-to-us” stopover was Philip Inlet, a small notch on the east shore of Fitz Hugh Sound just south of Addenbroke Island. As you can see from the photo above, it was raining steadily when we arrived, making it challenging to spot the narrow entry and any drift logs that might be blocking it.

Our plan that morning had been to head up Rivers Inlet and fill our water tanks at Dawson’s Landing, a floating supply point we’d visited years before. But with calm sea conditions it made more sense to push on past Rivers and make tracks up Fitz Hugh. I worried a bit about our water supply, but as it turned out there was no cause for concern.

Philip Inlet is a beautiful, remote and quiet anchorage – although entering is a bit of a nail-biter thanks to a couple of narrow spots and a mid-channel submerged rock (thankfully all well charted).

Once we had anchored at the head of the inlet and shut down the engine, we heard the rush of multiple streams. The first two weeks of our trip had been rainy, so plenty of freshwater was on offer all around us. We loaded empty plastic jugs into a kayak and soon we had enough for a week’s worth of daily showering and dish washing – lessening the demand on our potable water supply in our main tanks.

Totem-like symmetric reflection  of the forest and rocks along a shoreline.

By late afternoon the rain had stopped and the sky had brightened a bit. With utter calm inside the inlet, totemic shoreline reflections were all around us. (Click to enlarge and see details on this or other photos.)

Golden hour light on forested shoreline

And by golden hour that evening, the forest seemed to come alive.

Entry channel of inlet with bright, sunny sky

By the time we left the next morning the weather had changed. Funny how that narrow entry looked less intimidating under a sunny sky!

About Laurie MacBride, Eye on Environment

Photographer focused on nature and nautical on the BC coast

9 responses »

  1. Connie GallantCo says:

    Stunning reflections, Laurie! When I took a look at the first photo, it appeared like an actual totem pole had been turned sideways… much fun! Well, Spring is near so I’m sure you will be able to enjoy more of the waterways and wildlife – much to our delight.

  2. susan says:

    Those rock reflections are beautiful!

  3. paul1933 says:

    Another beautiful post Laurie.


    Sent from the sweet spot of the Island…

  4. Leona MacBride says:

    Hi Laurie Beautiful pics as always, instead of “golden hour” read “happy hour”.

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