Fishboats at dock at dusk

Day’s End, Port Hardy (click to enlarge and see more details)

As a life-long west coaster, I’ve always loved the intricate and fascinating jigsaw puzzle formed by the poles, booms, gurdies, lines, drums and nets of commercial fish boats.

On summer days when the fleet is in port, Fisherman’s Wharf can be hectic as skippers and crews race to repair gear, do engine maintenance, re-provision and prepare for their next departure.

Morning comes very early for fishermen, though, so by dusk, things slow way down. You can almost hear the hush that falls over the docks, as dreams turn to what the next day might bring.

I made this photo on a quiet summer evening in Port Hardy, on northern Vancouver Island.

Like Totem Morning and Textures of Time, it’s one of the prints on display in my show, Reflections on the Coast, which continues until November 30 (details here). If you’re on Gabriola I hope you’ll catch the show, and I welcome your feedback.

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  1. ehpem says:

    This is a quintessential west coast scene. Could be in any of the coastal towns.

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