Evening light on an island shore

The Little Treasure (click on this or the other images to enlarge).

We’ve dropped our hook in bays, coves and inlets all over the coast of BC, but one of the prettiest overnight anchorages we’ve found is just a stones-throw away from home. (In fact, that’s our home island, Gabriola, on the left in the background of the photo above.)

The shoreline of this long, narrow, unnamed bay has been undercut by erosion to form a series of little galleries, with ceilings arched over them like a row of cresting waves.

Eroded sandstone shoreline

A little higher up there’s an intriguing layer cake of textures and colours: the smooth grain of the weathered sandstone overhung with a delicate fringe of flowering stonecrop, topped with spiky dry grasses and a tangle of bright red and green arbutus.

Detail of upper shoreline

The little island is privately owned so we can’t go ashore, but that’s fine with us. It’s perfectly lovely to watch from our boat, witnessing the play of light on the shoreline and seeing the textures and colours unfold as the evening comes on. And all within a couple of miles of home!

Detail of eroded shoreline with evening light

About Laurie MacBride, Eye on Environment

Photographer focused on nature and nautical on the BC coast

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  1. Fred Bailey says:


    Kendrick island, aka Dogfish Bay is my favourite anchorage on the whole coast from Tacoma to Alaska. The view at the SE end just past the WVYC docks is superb at all times, winter and summer, and watching the night traffic at YVR is mesmerizing. There are spectacular walks on Valdez, including the old farm. You’re right, some of the best anchorages are ones I’ve been going by for years right under my nose!

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